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between rg3 and cam newton. we're going to break down the two star quarterbacks after the break.  in virginia, we know education means opportunity. that's why tim kaine expanded pre-k... championed higher ed and job training... helping make virginia "the best state to raise a child." but george allen has not made our kids a priority. as governor, he tried to cut funding for public schools. in washington, allen voted to end tax deductions for college tuition. and now, a budget plan that devastates k-12 classrooms-- all to pay for even more tax breaks for the wealthy. seiu cope is responsible for the content of this ad. >>> apparently the presidential candidates have a reason to keep a close eye on the state of the skins. that's because the skins have historically been a reliable predictor of who wins the white house. in 17 of the past 18 presidential elections, if washington wins their final home game before voting, the incumbent party wins the white house. if they lose, the challenger wins. only time that didn't happen was in 2004. they face the panthers today
. but can anything really give you a winning edge? >>> and then, cam's the man in "monday night football" action. putting up some pretty impressive numbers. [ scratching ] you're not using too much are you, hon? ♪ nope. [ female announcer ] charmin ultra soft is so soft you'll have to remind your family they can use less. charmin ultra soft is made with extra cushions that are soft and more absorbent. plus you can use four times less versus the leading value brand. don't worry, there's plenty left for you dad. we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra soft? like say, gas station sushi. cheap is good. and sushi, good. but cheap sushi, not so good. it's like that super-low rate on not enough car insurance. pretty sketchy. ♪ and then there are the good decisions. like esurance. their coverage counselor tool helps you choose the right coverage for you at a great price. [ stomach growls ] without feeling queasy. that's insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. now you can help too. when you buy a bag of pedigree, you'll help more shelter dog
business in there too. >>> the big match-up this weekend, rg iii verses cam. rg iii is often compared to cam newton but he is having none of that. >> dave ross is up next with sports breakfast. we had a good group of people. good group of employees out there. this was a a booming place. and mitt romney and bain capital turned it in to a junk yard. i was suddenly, 60 years old. i had no health care. mainly i was thinking about my family. how am i going to take care of my family. he promised us the same things he's promising the united states. and he'll give you the same thing he gave us. nothing. anncr: priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. what mitt romney's tv ads say abouout women? or what mitt romney himself says? mitt romney: do i believe the supreme court... should overturn roe v. wade? yes. and it would be my preference that they, that they... reverse roe v. wade. hopefully reverse roe v. wade. overturn roe v. wade. planned parenthood, we're going to get rid of that. i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. anncr: no matter what mitt romne
was 54, well below the average. we'll start with a live look outside. it's the weather cam and a nice night. couple sprinkles that are on their way out. we're down to 51. dew points in the mid-30s. so it will drop, you know, into the 30s and low 40s tonight. relatively chilly. pressure is rising, 2.972. winds are now out of the northwest at 7. which by the way, it's generally a drying wind. here's a look at the radar with a couple sprinkles rolling across montgomery county and all the way across i-95 and the baltimore washington park way. right now we have leftover showers out in fairfax. it is very light and it will be on out of here in the next hour. but a couple showers just to the west of rockville over towards river road and a couple showers out towards tyson. everything is pushing off to the east, very light. temperatures in the 40s, 47. 47 in rockville, 47 in bethesda. we're looking at 48 in great falls and 47 in vienna. 47 in fairfax. 49 at berk. and 49 at college park. upper 40s in bowie and crofton. a little on the chillier side. for tonight cool weather continues, early sho
the nicest day of the week. here is the weather cam. temperatures are in the 40s. even downtown they are in the upper 40s. dewpoint, low 30s. winds out of the west at 7. humidity not bad. it is still recovering from sandy. okay. radar, notice we see some mixed precipitation north of 70 and showers up for pittsburgh. this is going to rotate through tonight. the best chance of a sprinkle or shower is north of town, up toward hag errs town. you might see some snowflakes. you may see crowds and no precipitation and by 6:30, clouds, and no precipitation. by mid morning, a couple sprinkles. by noon, we begin to clear out. finally, we are looking at sunshine by 7:00 and by 7:00 tomorrow, most of the showers will shut off in western maryland. western maryland had 24 to 30- inches. gatlinburg, tennessee, had 34- inches with sandy. that is impressive. all right. headlines. gold star, maybe a morning sprinkle north of town. a jacket required, a good idea for both you and the kids, a breezy to windy tomorrow. we'll see kinds winds in excess of 25 miles per hour. you will need your sunglasse
. it can be raging waters and because of all the storm runoff. there is rain gauges and web cams and even sonar to monitor the runoff as the creek channels the water downhill to san francisco bay. 5800 properties line the creek or adjacent flood zone along the county border. residents of menlo park and palo alto to see video from the web cams and in some cases they will get other kinds of alerts. >> when the rainfalls and the upper watershed, it takes at least an hour for it to get down to this location. we will have a warning in the foothills. we also wanted to know what is happening right no here. this is the one of the areas of greatest threat. >> this is what happened in 1998 when the creek spilled over the banks and flooded homes. that was considered a once in 50 year flood. officials now are working on improvement project to address a hundred year event. if you like to take a look at web cams, go to our website at we'll link you to the two agencies that have the web cams online. >> carolyn: thank you. >> larry: a power lunch to beat all power lunch. >> president obama
on the sports extra, we'll talk about the comparisons between rg3 and cam newton. >> oh. >>> and that is what everyone's talking about. >> okay. >> and that is comparing anchors and stuff. they don't want to hear that. >> and do that. >> the nerve. >> i know. >> how dare they. >>> coming up, a decision to focus on the recovery and not the race. mayor bloomberg putting the brakes on the new york city marathon. that story and the full forecast is next. is next. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. look, the reason i'm in this race is there are people that are really hurting today in this country. and we face this deficit -- could crush the future generations. and republicans and democrats both love america but we need to have leadership -- leadership in washington that will actually bring people together and get the job done and could not care less if it's a republican or a democrat. i've done it before, i'll do it again. i'm mitt
to brag about. credit to them for a better job at least defensively today. half of cam newton's passing yards came off two plays. this 19-yarder to steve smith on 3rd down. and 82-yard shot in the second half here. newton to edwards. while the skins cep the opponent under their average in points and yards today, it wasn't enough. as lorenzo alexander explains. >> we did a good job as far as keeping everything in front of us. obviously every week we give up something big and that's ultimately what hurts. giving up points. we need to figure out a way on defense to continue to create turnovers, even the score and give our offense more opportunities to win games. whole point is to keep the opponent to one point less than what we score and we haven't been able to do that the last three weeks and that's disheartening to us. >> redskins were burnt last week by the black and yellow, today, new york's turn to taste defeat against the steelers. nissan's sports xtra continues after this. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need
we've got cam newton versus rg 3 essentially this weekend. what can we expect? you know, last time i talked a little smack in favor of the redskins so i'm not saying a word this week. >> i think the redskins have their hands full. we've talked about it all morning. the panthers are 1-6 but a lot of their games have been close. the only game they were blown out is by the giants. cam newton is obviously a threat to them. we all know how poor the redskins are defensively. i think they have their hands full. >> you've seen clips of what cam newton is doing this year and that's turning the football over. this year cam newton has got five touchdowns 8 interceptions, a bunch of fumbles to go with that. he's cost them games. >> but usually when a guy is throwing interceptions it's buzz he's pressured and that's one thing the redskins don't do. they don't pressure the cart witherback. >> you do have a team coming in close to imploding. they were winning that game last week against the bears, allowed the bears to outscore them 16-3 in the fourth quarter. we've seen the cam newton press confere
.  >>> welcome to another funky edition of off the wall. >> sunday, your guy, cam newton coming right here to take on rg 3 panthers against the redskins. you go back one year and cam newton was the talk of the town, the talk of the nfl. a year later people are going into his body language saying he doesn't have really good body language versus our guy rg 3 has tremendous body language. do you put any stock into that? >> no i don't. it has nothing to do with how you perform on a football field. look at your body language after i beat you down on this show every day and you still keep coming back trying to win. >> head up, cam. >> the rest of his game is not the problem. the problem is the team that he's on. >> you don't think it has anything to do with his performance on sunday? >> he has no offensive line, one wide receiver. an injured runningback. >> you're going to have bad performances. >> it's a press conference. >> finally you smile, you project. that's what we want cam newton to do. >> first of all let me fin you are my statement. jay cutler has bad body language and nobody's say ago
the night on the roof. here's what it looks like from his critter cam. he appears to be surveilling the neighborhood, checking out the lay of the land. he then goes underneath the family car. maybe hiding. suddenly he dashes out across the street. he is now decided which house to hit. this house. dusty races towards the back of the home, into the yard. he finds the pet door, one that dusty will crawl through, that leads leads to hidden treasures. scream and jim installed an infrared camera outside their home and shows what dusty brings back. on this night he stole a toy nemo. and here it is at his home, but dusty, well, he seems to be slowing down since we last saw him. >> i think it's mostly because the neighbors know about him now and know better than to leave something outside. >> so now what does he bring back from his nightly heists? >> mostly he brings back plastic and garbage now, taco bell bags, safeway bags, sometimes with gang in it. >> so now he's like the garbage collector, cleaning up the neighbor. >> dusty has reformed, yeah. trying to do good now. reporter: we also no
. here's what it looks like from his critter cam. he appears to be surveilling the neighborhood, checking out the lay of the land. he then goes underneath the family car. maybe hiding. suddenly he dashes out across the street. he is now decided which house to hit. this house. dusty races towards the back of the home, into the yard. he finds the pet door, one that dusty will crawl through, that leads leads to hidden treasures. scream and jim installed an infrared camera outside their home and shows what dusty brings back. on this night he stole a toy nemo. and here it is at his home, but dusty, well, he seems to be slowing down since we last saw him. >> i think it's mostly because the neighbors know about him now and know better than to leave something outside. >> so now what does he bring back from his nightly heists? >> mostly he brings back plastic and garbage now, taco bell bags, safeway bags, sometimes with gang in it. >> so now he's like the garbage collector, cleaning up the neighbor. >> dusty has reformed, yeah. trying to do good now. reporter: we also noticed something else. a cat
the list. check this out. a policeman is inside his car when his dash cam captures this car barreling right toward him. details are next. you're watching "early today." >> some other stories making news in america this morning. a dash cam captured one wisconsin police officer's brush with death during a routine traffic stop. the officer just returned to his car when that car barreled into his cruiser. amazingly everyone walked away with minor injuries. >>> next to washington where seattle police launched a website for residents dazed and confused about what they can do once recreational use becomes legal. 55% of the state's voters passed a legal pot initiative this past election day. >>> in virginia tragedy was averted when this 4-year-old little girl leapt into action to save her mom's life by calling 911. my mommy is having a seizure so i thought i could call you guys and i am 4 and i call people and i really need you to help me. >> okay. your mommy's having a what? >> seizure. >> little jayla driver's mom had a history of seizures and her parents taught her how to help at an early age. a
of our website and click on washingttn 3 dash cam near 3 3 split second decision that the - saved the police chief's life. crime. why the judde said she was inspiied to force this woman into public shame. 3 3 common sense hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. on any new volkswagen. cops isn't worth your liffe in georgia ends when the ase - suspect slams into an ambulance at nearly 100 miles pn hour. the driver aad her two passengers were killed when he slammed into this ambulance. police say they tried to pull the car over the three people in the fleeing car weren't wearing seatbelts, the ambulance crew ann the paaient that was with minor i
. a policeman is in his car when his dash cam captures this video. >>> nothing exciting to talk about over the weekend as far as the weather so i'm going to jump ahead to wednesday and thursday of next week. that's your holiday forecast. you're watching "early today." a" that's your holiday forecast. you're watching "early today." >>> some other stories making news in america this morning. a dash cam captured one wisconsin police officer's brush with death during a routine traffic stop. watch that, the officer had just returned to his car when an oncoming vehicle barrelled right into his cruiser. amazingly the officer and the 71-year-old driver in the other vehicle walked away with only minor injuries. >>> there's also new dramatic video of hurricane sandy's flooding. surveillance cameras were running when a 13 foot storm surge poured into the subway station. they're still closed. you can see why. >>> in virginia tragedy was averted when this 4-year-old little girl leapt into action to save her mom's life by calling 911. my mommy is having a seizure so i thought i could call you guys and i
pretty good. let's start with a live look outside. it is our michael and son weather cam. that's national airport. we're looking at temperatures in the 40s. it's cloudy. that's keeping temperatures up. dew points in the low 30s. temperatures are going to go that low tonight. winds north-northeast at 7, pressure falling, 30.32 inches of mercury. so satellite picture, radar gained, here's our pesky low pressure. it's well offshore but it is producing some light rain across eastern north carolina and even up into southern maryland. in fact, i had to add the chance for some sprinkles or showers for southern maryland and primarily east of i-95. everything will pull away quickly tomorrow. we're still looking for a very nice friday. we are going to have some clouds in the morning. in fact, here's our futurecast. 6:30, clouds back to frederick and leesburg and manassas, but they skedaddle pretty fast. by 4:00 or 5:00 they're out of the delmarva. we will start with a few morning clouds friday. so chilly start at the bus stop friday. you will eventually need your shades and a jacket. we're looking
or what could cam from china. >> reporter: and several of the domains have been scanned for spam and abuse. >> reporter: there are a few things for you to do to stop it. you can sign an online petition, urging the fcc to make those unsolicited polical text messages illegal. you can also sign up to be on a political do not call list. of course it's too late for this election, but you can be on it for the next one. for more information on that, go to our website, back to you. >> thank you so much. that's four yearfrom now, but you know how to do it now. thank you. >>> well president obama back on the campaign trail today with five days to go in campaign 2012. his busy day included a stop for wisconsin, nevada, and colorado. the campaign announced that they are planning to have a rally on saturday at nearby virginia. appearing at a jiffy lube live with former president bill clinton. >>> in the meantime mitt romney has several plans to stop today. he's due at virgin beach in about an hour. >>> and the last report on unemployment before the voting comes out tomorrow. but today, payro
& son weather cam. we have some clouds. unofficially the high was 5 3, 10 degrees below average. right now it's 50. dew . is upper 20s. so we've got some colder and drier air moving in. i think the pressure has come down a hey, 29.85 inches of mercury but generally on the way up. wind gusts, 23-mile-per-hour gusts in gaithersburg, 26 downtown. a 2 miles per hour wind gust at andrews. windy conditions tonight. windy conditions tomorrow. so you really want to dress for the windchills as opposed to the temperatures. a little bit of rain and snow shower activity again in pennsylvania. couple sprinkles pushing through parts of the metro but for the most part we are dog deal with wind and clouds. right now 46 gait ears berg, 46 leesburg. remember those numbers. factor in the winds, feels like it's 41 in leesburg. if you are headed out for any reason, high school football, just out to dinner, dress for the 30s. the windy again, cold for high school football. windchills in the 30s. cold start tomorrow. will you need your jacket and sunglasses. tonight partly cloudy, windy and cool, a one-blank
from the east bay cam looking towards the west. san francisco, the bay bridge right there, and a few high clouds here and there. the live doppler 7hd picking up on a little bit of those clouds, sitting just off the coast. really, as we sweep live right now, we're seeing nothing but clear conditions across the bay area. here is a look at the current readings. still mild. 70s and 60s. '3 at antioch, 75 in river more, san rafael, still mild, 74. 59, san francisco, and check out half moon bay. limited clouds. no fog there. and you're still at 70 degrees. look at the forecast. we'll keep it clear overnight. may bring in a few clouds near the coast. get ready for a chance of record highs the next few days, and then after that we'll cool things down, and the rain will return as we head into thursday, friday, and possibly saturday as well. here's the setup. we talked about this last night. high pressure really keeping the storm track well to the north of us. you can see all the storms being diverted into the pacific northwest, and high pressure will continue to bring us those warm offshore w
>>> hi, everyone. we've got great videos "right this minute." >> a helmet cam takes us into the scene of a horrific crash. >> there were four cars involved in this accident. one of them rolled over and completely on its roof. >> an up close look at what it's like to be a rescue worker. >>> talk about a close encounter. >> how a woman kept her cool when a hump back whale came knocking. >> plus, this lady apparently doesn't know the meaning of a car wash. >> she tried to go in the car wash? >> she's already gone. she's there to clean up. >> it's a game of fox and hound. but this time, the sport turns ugly. find out why a woman throws herself in between the snapping jaws of these dogs. >> and a prison break prank that ends with a takeout. >> this is crazy! >> take a look at this footage from a helmet camera of a rescue worker as he arrives at the scene of a horrific car accident in allentown, pennsylvania. this accident is the result of a driver driving at high speeds in a construction zone. one car was driving at a high rate of speed as the car in front of him began to sl
goodness! >>> take a look at this dash cam footage out of marion county, florida. this is from a sheriff's deputy patrol car. you'll see a suspect on the ground in between two sheriff's deputies. at this moment they are trying to get him under control and trying to cuff him. you see that he fights deputies off. but watch the female deputy. >> oh! >> that's a gun. >> yes, that was her gun, that was not a taser. she pulled her weapon and fired. and in fact fatally wounded this de guy. keep watching the video. you saw the second deputy pull his taser. he didn't realize the suspect had been shot and he fires his taser. the suspect in question is josh and the dash cam video was just part of a grand jury hearing. >> is there a beef over this video? are people complaining about the way deputies handled this? >> yes. one of the main things that is a point of concern is how quickly the deputy pulled her weapon. instead of pulling a taser gun or any other weapon to detain this man. >> was joshua armed at all? >> according to reports, he was unarmed. >> the one thing that's telling to me in this vi
this guy was actually trying to do. >>> to russia this is grandpa driving this car with the dash cam. and up ahead is a girl pedestrians who seems to be drinking. >> a gallon jug. >> i'm pretty sure he's telling her sweet little darling, please move out of the way. instead, she decides to bang on the car and spit on it just as this white car is pulling off to pick her up. she threw her bod will ttle at and that made grandpa mad. look at what he does to her trying to pull away. he pulls the driver out as the car still goingment. >> if i can't find the girl, i may as well fight the dude. >> they get in a full on fight. let me tell you, grandpa is holding his own. >> mr. mcgao has moves. >> you see the girl show up later. eventually, it looks like grandpa might be losing the fight. but check this move out. he grabs him and pulls him, boom to the hood of the car. he knocks the guy out. >> chuck norris grandpa. >> police come and they settle the situation. grandpa is like, yeah, i just did that. [ beep [ beep [ sirens sound >> you may remember this video i showed you yesterday from maryla
barely whizzed by my head. >> we've seen many videos of russian accidents caught on someone's dash cam. this dash cam caught this driver in his own accident. you see him there? speeding up, driving really fast, past this truck on the right. driving over this icy part of the road and suddenly loses control. boom, buzz, back to the truck. other cars, spinning on road and -- bam, crash. >> that's all that happened in that? i mean that -- is lucky that's all that happened. he could have hit the people standing by the car. he could have hit the bus. he just spin around and bumped into something. >> and he gunned it trying to pass this truck on the left. >> i have to say, it's still freaky to see it from that vantage point. this, you're in the car and you're seeing where he's going and the freak-out. >> let's give this guy the benefit of the doubt here. maybe his wife was in labor and he needed to get her to the hospital. asap. maybe he really had to pee. >> i think it's amazing that the people on the side of the road didn't get a whisper of a hit, maybe wind from thee passing ca. >> i don't
. >> this is a bad marketing job from this company. >> this is dash cam video from a seattle police car. officers were responding to a hit-and-run call. >> suspect vehicle is proceeding in a white van. >> this video was just released on monday. but it's an incident that happened back in october. officers eventually pull into this parking lot wre they believe they have spotted that white van at matches t de plate. and police believe this guy in the black t-shirt is responsible for that hit-and-run. they ask him to put his hands on the hood. >> get of the way. put your hands on the van. >> then things get heated. you see officer fox show up -- >> what are you going to do to me? knock me out? >> as soon as that officer walks up, you hear leo sort of challenging him. >> what's your name? >> don't worry about my name. >> what's your name? >> at that point, when he doesn't provide his name, officer fox proceeds to arrest him. you see officer fox push leo to the hood by choking him and holding his head down on the hood. >> i'm not choking you. i'm putting your head on the hood. but look very closely. as
valley water district using web cams to monitor creeks and rivers around the county. water managers, can see where storm drains are getting clogged. and alert crews to clear the debris. the web cams in los gatos skb morgan hill refresh every five minutes and are watched in storm conditions. >> going to be mazing how quickly a creek can overflow and cause a lot of street floodings and damage. when there is blockage in one trash rack. >> now, water district is hoping people will be pro active in both monitoring web cams and cleaning leaves and other debris that can clog storm drain autos they're humpgering down a christmas tree lots across the bay area now, in this lot workers started tying down trees so they won't topple over. they're also laying down tallest trees but say they will not close up shop because of the storm, workers say they're used to being out in wintery weather. they plan to set up tents. >> a big storm equals phone shall dangers on the water. coast guard is suggesting people be careful because large waves can sweep people way, they're reminding boaters to avoid sailing t
not. self-inflicted wounds seem to be the theme for the team. rg3 and cam newton and the panthers, a hungrier team. after converting two fourth downs, third time not the charm. cam newton leads his squad 98 yards, with this 19-yard strike to steve smith. great throw. better catch, smith's first t.d. grab of the season. panthers at the half, second half they strike big. newton finds edwards, huge block right there. inside the 10, but not after picking up 82 yards. punch to the gut for the defense and leads to this 1 yard cam newton keeper, 21-13 loss. mike shanahan with somewhat surprising comments following the game regarding the future. >> with a game like that, you're playing to see who obviously is going to be on your football team for years to come, and i'll get a chance to evaluate players and we're not off it statistically, but now we find out what type of character we got and how the guys keep fighting through the rest of the season. >> when you bring up player evaluation it comes across as a white flag. 17 of the last presidential elections, had the redskins won prior to t
8:00 in the morning in fire station as cross oakland. >> water district is yugs web cams to keep an eye on rivers and creeks where back ups can cause flooding. the cameras monitor critical storm drains in los gatos and morgan hill. district employees will monitor the web cams refreshing every five minutes so it's up to day. water district encouraging homeowners to remove leaves and debris from gutters to avoid clogging drains. >> it's been a few years since we really have had it plugged up. it's been a few years since we had real big storms. but, you know, it's coming. going to happen. >> you can watch those web cams for potential flood has yards on the district web site. we have a link. and the approach of the big storm serves as a reminder to make sure you're ready for rainy condition or natural hazards for that matter. advice is at abc 7 >> a school bus driver is being hailed as a hero following her rescue of a special needs girl from a burning bus this morning. we are live from the school district with thisr8áory. >> this is is a school bus designed to carry specia
ago. we sat down with george allen to talk about cam ads to what's on his i pod. >> did you watch last week when we had george allen on? talked about a lot of different issues. and also talk about personal things as well. not too personal. but with five days to go now and it's been a year and a half at least. >> 19 months. >> 19 months. are you happy with where your campaign is right now? have you done everything you can do? >> we've run the race i wanted to run. this is my 8th race. you want to put your own -- make sure people understand who you are and why you are running. talking about economic access. a congress that's so gridlock that people won't compromise. we've run that kind of race. >> the last two seem to deal with that theme working together. also talking about your record, your past if you will. your work overseas. seems that's very important . >> it is. i have -- i kind of got started in public service 30 years ago and that put me on a path of trying to serve others. whether it was a civil rights attorney, this is a path i've been on. and the last two ads i don't talk abo
it warm weather last because tuesday is gonna be the last day of record-breaking numbers. i roof cam shows in downtown san francisco is a clear start to the morning. there is some ground fog in the north bay with temperatures sitting in the '50s. into the afternoon sunny and warm conditions were talking '80s not only am land but potentially along the coast. forecasting san francisco coming in at 80 degrees. it could break an old record set for november for a fifth back in 19 eighties. oakland redwood city are expected to break records there. a san jose could climb up to 83 degrees bridge and night record set in 1901. the full look at those numbers and when you need to pull out that umbrella coming up straight ahead. >> on the bay bridge is still a hot spot as you were to weigh in to san francisco. the start with a stall about an hour ago but the damage is done. the backup here has residual delays from the salt -- stall and is backed up to the 80 on 2580 westbound so give yourself extra time heading into center cisco. on the traffic that's he can see westbound 80 is crawling out of an old w
from our east bay cam and toward a tranquil bay. we have very light to calm winds out there. you can see in the distance san francisco and the bay bridge. live doppler 7hd and we are tracking zero clouds out there right now. we may see a little bit of low cloudiness develop right near the coast. otherwise clear skies and also some mild temperatures. in fact, here is a look at -- [no you had -- it was 78 in napa and 77 san francisco. moffett field 80 degrees. we had 79 in san jose. check out half moon bay. limited fog, offshore winds. boy you warmed up nicely to 78 degrees. the temperatures right now in the 60s and 50s in the north bay. 50 san rafael. san francisco right now 63 degrees. it is still mild in oakland at 62. 56 livermore. and 63 with clear skies in san jose. here is a look at our forecast. clear overnight. near record highs or even some record highs the next few days. and then after that we cool down and bring in rain the latter part of the workweek. that's because of higher pressure. you can see the amplitude as the ridge builds in and it pushes the gemming -- the jet st
of fish returning to california's rivers and streams. a life look from our sutro cam look out at a chilly bay area. the east bay out there. and lisa argen truly the woman with something for everyone. we have the chilly mornings, the warm day and rain on the way. [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent. oh, did you want it? yea we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half that's not half! guys, i have more! thanks mom [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin just unroll it, fill, top, bake, and present. that must have taken you forever! it was really tough. [ female announcer ] pillsbury pie crust. let the making begin >> this is abc7 news. >>> welcome back, everybody. it's 5:38. we are looking at a live picture from the roof cam above our abc7 studios down here obviously near the embarcadero. look tech bay bridge n san francisco lisa is telling me 53 degrees, which is not all that bad. if you like it real chilly, santa rosa has a 39 for you. if you like it warm, stay wherever you are. it's going to be in the 60s and an oc
tam cam. not forming just yet just that high cloud coverage. if we are seeing that spotty shower activity. and rain also to the north of we are going to see clean air conditions. temperatures for most of the bay iraq through half moon bay and novado fiord more 40's through this afternoon but how warm it is going to get coming up. >>pam: san francisco police have arrested a man, who they say, while lee attacked a of muni station agent last month. this is a surveillance video. police say 20 year-old stefa--devon riley punched and kicked the agent after he ignored the agent ordered not to go to the pay gates with a bicycle. ted 8 and was seriously injured and has not been able to work cents. riley was booked on assault and battery charges. >>pam: new md-11, menlo park police are looking for the suspect or suspects, who they say are responsible for a shooting that injured four victims to run eight this evening the victims, who are all adults, are currently being treated at stanford hospital. there are two that are included condition, there is one that is in serious and one that is in
snowflakes coming and let's take a look at east bay hills cam rachl we're seeing breaks in cloud cover and showers. we expected these to be scattered in nature. i'll show you what it looks gi the cold storm is here. it's lightened up a lit bit now from san jose we're seeing 880 is wet now. sunnyvale, middlefield road. towards watsonville-freedom rain so briefly could n still heavy. looking at radar north we've seen a couple inches so this air could be making its way chain controls now in the sierra. it's snowing &oxñ so if you're traveling there it's going to be a tough one. 18 hugts from san francisco, less across the bay area. san jose, zero. now, temperatures at this hour into 50s. some scattered showers through friday. snow is a possibility for local peaks above 3,000 feet. it's a cold storm. you can see it here. speckeled clouds indicating cold air. !s instability to deal wchl the cold air will keep showers in the forecast. we'll see steady showers heading into early morning hours. at 5:00 a.m. it's going to be wet and cold. morning. sierra nevada winter weather advisory. up to 1
cam. will be checking in with air couples got a look at our for forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> police received reports of a shooting on the 13 block of willow park. police received a report of a shooting in the 1300 block the willow street near will park shortly before 2:00 a.m. this morning. so far no suspects are in custody. >> also new this morning a three alarm fire in a san jose apartment complex has injured a fire fire and left 18 residence without a home. the fire broke out last night around 8:30 p.m. in a two-story apartment complex located on the 900 block old willow leaf drive. a resident also was transported to the hospital for medical reasons not caused by the fire. crews had a fire under control by 11:30 p.m. last night no word yet on what costa fire. >> a man accused of breaking into the steve jobs house and still in computers and the apple think company founders while it wa wallets had no contest to a burglary spree across the bay area. he was convicted wednesday in santa clara county superior court on eight felony counts of residential burglary and o
and big it. i think that is what we are looking at there on the roof cam as we have a nice career start. 44 at reagan national and 39 at dulles. we just jumped up another degree in frederick. your temperature in fredericksburg this morning is 36 degrees. take a look at our averages. the average high is 61 and low is 43. we were shy of that yesterday with 56 and 40. i think today we will be a few beyond that. we was the average temperatures and beyond as we had to the weekend. mostly sunny and 53-58. there is the beautiful seven-day forecast i cannot get enough of. let's check on traffic with jamie. >> as we hit the friday morning -- as you are getting ready to hit the road running good morning nation's capital. look at this great camera off in the distance with twinkling lights, that is the woodrow wilson bridge. crossing the american legion bridge is good. everything is cleared up in the tyson's area with overnight roadwork. it is a little bit rough surface here. no problems, 270. washington parkway all checked out fine. >> thank you so much. 4:55 right now. a dancing with the stars co
was & till warm when he was foun ss perhaps if this ailman would have done something he (oon cam) might still be here today." 3. the carrier claims he hought halloween decoration.thh ppstal service defends him... but he'ssbben taken off that route for now. 3&a nice end to the eek... what's in store or tte weekend. weekend. lets checkkin with a look at the foreccst. what better ay to say thaakss to our viewwrs than with some free cash. 45 thanksgiveaway??e'rr paying for your thanksgiving dinner. to enter... go to our facebook page... like us... and click on conteets. contests.then... ... weell give away a 100- dollar gift ccrd on fox 45 mooning nnws... every hour... of theeshow... starting at 5 p-m. 3 the ravens offenne has struggled recently...their number one & ii sports unllmited... the ravens ccn't i got it when my internet here was faster than at my office. [ male announcer ] when people switch from cable to verizon fios, there comes a moment when they get it. the difference 100% fiber optics makes. when i saw that picture, i really got it. i
-- i wann everyone to also understand 3 (emannel on cam tag) e expect to hear more on the conference on wednesdayyand then on friiay, he's scheduled to meet with congressionaa leaders attthe whiie washington, mike emanuel, ffx newss 3 coming up on the earll editionn.. tens of thousands -3&of dollars spent... to save a baatimore neighborhoodd neighborhood.tte ten years off innestments... ad whht... if anything... they've accommlished. ,3 3 triple-a will release it's panual thanksgiving holiday travvl forecast this orning.. the auto club offees its predictions for traffic oo thee ground and n the air, as drivers it the oad during thanksgiving weee. week.triple-a sayssit will also tell us what ooexpect n the waa of gas prrces, air fares and hotel costs.the group will announce its forecast nnmbers at reagan national irport at 10:455a-m. 3 ((2-shot toss to weather)) 3 ((ad lib meteorrlogist)) 3 mmp jaaie map 3greebspring map liberty 3 3 3 3 p3 cominggup... it's the biggest week of tteeyear... as far as ravens fans are concerned
: there are conflicting reports whether the gates at the railroad crossing was down. dash cam taken behind the float may give them some answers. brandy history, los angeles. >> two people are missing and four others are burned after a fire started with an explosion. the reg was not producing oil and nothing leaked into the gulf. >>> we continue to see skies clearing out. now skies clearing out noisily across the free state. we'll look for temperatures to keep dropping. another chilly scenario late tonight. temperatures in the mid-40s. overnight 45 at 7:00 and dropping into the 30s. cold scenario. some sunshine by first thing tomorrow morning and it will be brings took start the day. much more on how the entire weekend shapes up straight ahead. >>> a teacher and a coach from broad neck has been taken out of the high school for what the school calls a student safety matter. >> there's a substitute teacher handling her classes at the moment a letter went home saying that thorn had been reassigned. school officials would not go into the allegation, saying they are following the rules already in place. >> we
to be a genius to urt 'sng and the offense is not picking up tte ssack... slack...and that is the unit that cam cameron is in chhrge of...and he addits they have pooplly betrr..or at least time out aaainst the hotoo texans..on top of that, the since john am fm& harbbugh nd joe flacco joined the team in 2008, theeeareea couppe offinteresting, ty have never lost comi off a bye ro.noen once...any kind of win streak is iipressive in the nnl, andthe to claim one.hey are fortunate - it's time to annone our higscool fek ergh brought to ou by the week annoocne our high t's time too annouune our high school game 3 et dco eek inner...brought ys pteehaspn.yo teewtba owings mills in football... thanks to everyone who vottd this sure to tune in tomorrow night for the hhghlights... that'ldd it for his edition of sports unlimited...i' bruce cunningham..tuneein to tit goodnight. goodnight. 3 what if you knew heaven is real because you'd seen it. suddenly the fear was gone. i wacomforted, i had a peace and joi ner hacayod t. enreita place. he is a real person. how would it
. rg3 denied. short of the end zone. panthers march 98 yards. 3rd and 10 from the 19. cam newton to steve smith, beating wilson on the play. 19-yard touchdown. smith's first td of the season. panthers led 14-3 at the half. redskins' first possession of the second half. beautiful pass. threads the needle. down to the 15-yard line. led to a field goal. 14-6. 14 minutes to go. panthers at their own 9, newton fakes and goes right side. edwards, huge block, steve smith, finally taken out by griffin. 82-yard gain. three plays later, newton calling his own number. number one. 1 yard touchdown. 4th of the year. 21-6panthers. skins down two. griffin not giving up. rg3 steps up and takes off in more ways than one. ouch. pin balls around by the panthers' defense. finish the job off royster. going to find pay dirt from 2 yards out. too little, too late. redskins fall 21-13. fall to 3-6 as they hit the bye week. >> obviously very disappointed. that's when games give you a chance to play for a playoff spot, when you're 3-5 and less to get in the hunt. lose a game like that, now you're playing
the dash cam of one of the competitors. it's nuts. you go through neighborhoods and all kinds of stuff. >> this town is amazing, and to build a race course like this. >> this guy has to go over more than 1,000 steps, nine drops, but because of all of the downhill, they lose about 40% of oxygen, so they have to deal with that. this ended up winning the race by 14 seconds ahead of everyone else. >> next rtm, it's the bug guy prank. >> does anybody catch on to this guy. >> see how close bug guy comes to getting punched out next on "right this minute." >> this is alair. she is 17, usautistic, and one the things she finds very calming is chickens. >> find out her plan to save their farm. >> and it's almost time to give away an ipad. >> this is 17-year-old alair bergman. she is autistic and one of the things she finds very calming is chickens. particularly her favorite chickenning with goldy. her and her family are going to lose their farm, but what's so remarkable is alair has a plan to help buy another farm for her family. she wants to sell 50,000 copies of her autobiography. a book she di
. this is from the high definition cam in the east bay, looking down on the bay bridge, all lit up and even downtown san francisco. live doppler 7hd right now picking up just a few high clouds here and there. for the most part we will remain clear. maybe a little patchy fog in the north bay valleys and near the coast. otherwise, enjoy a lot of stars this evening. here's a look at the highs for today. nice, mild afternoon for much of the bay area. 75 in antioch today. 74 in fairfield. santa rosa, 77. even san francisco this afternoon, 71 degrees, and san jose with lots of sunshine in your neighborhood this afternoon, warmed up to 73. right now we have 61 in antioch, and san francisco and oakland, 55 in santa rosa, and 60 with some clear sky in san jose. here's the forecast. patchy fog overnight. don't forget, before you go to sleep tonight, time to fall back. we return to pacific standard time, so turn the clock back one hour before you go to sleep, and tomorrow also the warming trend will begin, and by monday and tuesday, temperatures inland back up into the mid-possibly even some upper 80s
of the nfc west behind peyton manning at 5-3. the last two heisman trophy winners going at it, cam newton taking on rg3 and the skins. cam newton looking long for armante edwards. sets up a one-yard scoring td by newton. the panthers win 21-13. we show you this game because, since the redskins relocated to d.c. in 1937, the outcome of the last game before the election has become a good indicator as to who will win. eight of the last nine times when they lost the final home game, the incumbent lost the election. >>> coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," well over a year of speeches, debates and gaffes by presidential candidates, the speculation ends tomorrow and the voters decide. the "morning joe" crew will get you ready for election day 2012. >>> and when we come back, we'll huddle around the water cooler. "way too early" coming right back. 2013 chevrolet malibu. sleek new styling... sophisticated dual cockpit design, and sport sculpted seats. available chevrolet mylink infotainment system. the all-new 2013 chevrolet malibu. ♪ refined comfort to get you in a malibu state o
and look at that beautiful shot from our mt. tam cam. that on close but we will see a lot of, the sign. we will see record temperatures today. the approach of the bay bridge, like you have a way it is a nice weather ride. >> we're learning just how much money the san francisco school district lost when thousands of kids skip school to attend last week's giants school parade. more than 4100 students were absent that day and 4100 students cost of this district $160,000 in state funding. the majority of kids skipping classes were high school students. >> cabrera will receive his full share of the championship on this. he played 117 games in the season before his suspension. there is a rule saying if the suspended players left for the off the roster 10 days after the fire is over. he gets the money despite not playing a single game in the playoffs. >> we'll be back with business news and rob black in just a minute. the dow is up by 27 points. jack, you said you wanted a whole new breakfast item. i give you... flap jacks. hmm! thing is, i don't know if i'm comfortable with peopl
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